Friday, November 1, 2013

Like Chicken

Life is too busy to do blog posts these days. (Plus the ease of using facebook to post little things is much more convenient!)  But here are a few videos from the last month or so.
Tonight's game of "Smell My Feet". During dinner I actually said, "Put your legs under the table. We'll play Smell My Feet AFTER dinner."  What has happened to me???
 No prompting by me on this video, just their ideas of what they think their feet smell like.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme song, performed by Preston. Google the song so you can see how accurate he is with this. (I can also sing every word- perhaps something I can do as a party trick someday?? No?)

Twinkle Twinkle, as performed by both kids. Callie strips down to undies as soon as we get home each day. I have stopped fighting it and embraced the madness that is my life.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Fun With Cousins

We had a blast with our cousins, Natalie and Julia, last week.  Lots of activities, including daily math, reading, art, some writing, and a field trip to Deanna Rose Farmstead.  The kids also enjoyed making a few movies.  This first one is likely something I'll play at Preston's rehearsal dinner.  He watched it and said," Mom! I have expert dance moves!"  Yes, yes you do. 

This one is from a skit the lifeguards did at summer camp when Marcus and I were kids. Only a few people will really appreciate it, but it is cute, nonetheless. Each kid HAD to have a turn being the spoon.

A few photos from our farmstead adventure with The Nelson crew.

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Hard to believe this little dude is 5. Seriously. I hear people say things like this a lot, but I really can't comprehend that it was 5 years ago when we brought him home. He has proven to be one of the biggest joys of my life, even with all of the challenges along the way.  He's not perfect, but neither am I.  I have made many mistakes along the way, but he still loves me anyway.
What's better than that?

Here are some things I love about Preston from the past year:
  • You make great sound effects when we read books- especially explosions
  • You ask me to scratch your back SOFT-A-LY
  • You put your underwear on your head and your shirt on your legs to be silly after bath time
  • You NEVER forget about dessert
  • You say, "May I be excused?" after dinner
  • You love to talk to Barber Clint and get your haircut
  • You play "I love you more than....." with me
  • You make a cute kissy face when you pet MC
  • You make Callie laugh
  • You love to be a superhero. ALL. THE. TIME.
  • You squint your eyes when you laugh
  • You sing
  • You remember EVERYTHING
  • You give me air hugs
  • You blow me kisses when I leave the room at bedtime
  • You work hard on your homework and can READ books to me AND do multiplication
  • You let Callie call you Bobby
  • You wear Superman underoos
  • When I push you on the swing you say, "Push me all the way to Mars! To Jupiter! To the Moon!"
  • You use your fingers to help you do your Math homework
  • You eat popcorn with me and watch movies on special nights
  • You still cuddle with me in your chair every night before bed
  • You put your head on my shoulder when we read books together
  • You asked Daddy to get me cozy pajamas for Christmas
  • You always run to me and give me a hug when I pick you up from school.
  • You love to make people laugh
  • You say, "I feel sick" and then sit on the whoopie cushion
  • You can buckle your seat belt
  • You dress up like a super when you go get comics with Daddy
  • You let me paint your toenails blue (just once- Daddy made me promise)
  • You wave to me out the window when I leave
And, most importantly, you forgive me when I mess up. You love me. You hug me. You complete me.

Family bday celebration with cousins

Mother's Day card- I will be framing it. And keeping it. Forever.

Doesn't get much better than this.

Callie LOVES Preston!

First day of Tball

Last day of soccer

Sweetness. Rare, but I love it.


Birthday party line-up.
Happy Birthday, Preston!!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tutu TWO (a few days early)

Mommy guilt has set it...we will be out of town WITHOUT kids for Callie's birthday on Thursday (woot woot! and sob at the same time), so I'm doing this post now to make me feel better about missing it.  Hard to believe this little peanut is going to be two already.
Tiny Callie in the hospital.
 Meeting big bro for the first time.

 First birthday.
 Celebrating her second birthday early at Mima's house.
 My bro got her this helmet, and she immediately asked, "Where's my bike?" Uh-oh. Probably need to get her one, huh? Poor second child.
 Cheering on the Jayhawks for March Madness.
 Two year check-up. 90%ile for height (not including top-pony), 55%ile for weight. Long and lean still!
 Park play during Preston's soccer practice.
 St. Patty's Day

Our little Callie Rose is something else. Always full of energy, always a spitfire. I've started writing down things I love about each kid in their own little book, which I will give to them some day. Here are some of the things I love about my Callie.
At 14-21 months: You smile at me every day in the morning. You eat cottage cheese with your hands and get it EVERYWHERE. You hug my leg.You turn your back to me, slowly back up, and plop down on my lap. Sometimes when you throw a ball, it goes behind you. Everyone is "DADA." You body-slam pillows. You love to hug/pet/try to sit on the cats. Your giggle makes me smile. You have no hair. You put your head on my shoulder when you are really tired. You say "AHHHHHHH" after taking a really big drink. You love to be Superbaby on my knees.You call  Preston "BOBBY." You are stubborn. You give me the stink-eye when you are in trouble. You walk on your tippy toes and giggle at yourself.
At 22-23 Months:  You love dip and eat it with your fingers. You love butter. You SOMEtimes say "Preston", but still call him "Bobby" most of the time. You love to read books at night. You love your lovey blanket. You love to go to Preston's soccer games and run around like a MADwoman. You play "Do I love you THIS much?" with me. You pose and say "cheese" for the camera. You do everything Preston does. Always. When I pick you up from Steph's you hug me and say, "MOMMY! HAPPY TO SEE YOU!" You love to paint. You wear a cape and mask and run around yelling "SUPA CALLIE! I'M SUPA FAST!" You play the piano and say "What's that song, Mommy?" and giggle when I make up an name for the song.  You push your doll in the stroller while clutching your purse to go pretend shopping for more dip. You love hummus and french onion dip, hence the shopping trips. You are opinionated about your clothes -- already. You FINALLY have enough hair for a top pony, and you love it! You say, "Wook, Mommy! My ponytail!" When I ask you questions about a book we are reading, you tell me wrong answers on purpose and giggle at yourself. You love to make people laugh. You talk in complete sentences. For real? For real. You like to stomp snow -- and eat it. You spin in circles until you fall down and laugh the whole time.You spend a lot of time in time-out, just like your big bro.
And, most importantly, you love me -- even with all of my faults as a parent.

Happy Birthday to you, sweet girl!! I couldn't possibly love you more.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Storm #1

We've enjoyed some bonus time together the last 4 days...I use the term "enjoyed" loosely. Portions were awesome; other parts I'd like to forget. (Like the times when both kids were crying in time out.)  Not so proud of my patience/parenting skills, but we are all still alive, so that counts for something, right?!  Here are some pics and a video of the fun we had with the 12+ inches of snow we got. Storm #2 should be here tomorrow night, and promises to bring another 12+. WHAT?!! Better stock up on wine now.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm NOT a slacker

I swear it. I'm not. I have tried many times to post a Christmas video, and it just won't work. Our computer is slowly circling the drain, so I'm just waiting for it to die. In the mean time, let's recap the latest with photos.


Christmas Eve jammies

Merry Christmas!!

OCD Mom's worst nightmare.

Love on Christmas night

Donuts at John's Space Age-mmmmmmmmmm

Park trip in January

Bath time fun

Super Cousins

Super Bowl Sunday Rotel dip. Couldn't.Get.Enough.

Beyonce booty shake at half time.

Preston's super model kiss face.

Late night comic reading...just like his dad.

Sunday morning books together. This lasted 3 whole minutes and was a pure miracle. They BOTH sat still. For 3 whole minutes!!!

She loves loves loves loves her big bro.

Seriously cute.

My happy little Valentines.

Super sub love.

Park fun with Daddy.

My three kids.
I promise to get a recent video up soon. Callie is a talking fool, and Preston's as spunky as ever.